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How Diabetes Effects on Eyes?

Most of the people with diabetes face vision problems. High sugar levels inside the body damages the walls of sensitive vessels in the eye and leads to several problems and dysfunctioning. The vessels in the eyes may become thick, leak, develop clots, block and also leads to microaneurysms (growth of balloon like abnormalities). This condition is called diabetic retinopathy. In people with diabetes fluid forms in the retina often this is used in performing tasks like reading. This condition is referred as macular edema. In advanced condition the circulation is stopped and new imperfect vessels grow, it is called as neovascularisation. These damaged vessels hemorrhage and lead to vision problems, scar tissue and retinal detachment. The new damaged vessels block the fluid circulation in the eye, developing glaucoma.

Diagnosis of eye problems in people with diabetes

People with diabetes should get eyes checked regularly to detect abnormalities in early stages and also to avoid severe damage. Homeopathy professionals ask few questions about the symptoms and past health history and also examine your eyes. Though few conditions of diabetic retinopathy cannot be examined during general eye examination but requires some special tests. In order to have clear view inside of eye, eye drops are used and then the examination of retina is conducted using lenses and also using slit light. Fluorescein angiography is a test that gives information about changes in the structure and functioning of vessels in retina. To conduct this test a fluorescent is injected into veins to take clear pictures of retina. In people with diabetes both glaucoma and cataracts occur more often which in turn leads to several vision problems. During the eye examination both glaucoma and cataracts are also checked. 

Homeopathic treatment for diabetic retinopathy 

In people with diabetes, treatment for retinopathy is very important. A professional homeopath helps to control sugar levels in the body and also other complications of diabetes which can trigger diabetic retinopathy like abnormal kidney and heart functioning. A professional homeopath provides homeopathy treatment to prevent abnormal changes and to safe guard vision. A homeopath offers appropriate treatment based on the symptoms before the actual problem starts to avoid the damage.
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