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Homeopathic Treatment for Hair Loss

Hair loss is known as Alopecia. 50% of men and women will experience visible hair loss by the age of 50. Everyone loses between 50 to 125 hairs per day naturally. Anything more than 125 hairs is a true hair loss. Men experience it with bald spots on the crown of the head and receding hair line. Women experience thinning of hair over the entire head.
The causes of hair loss are heredity, if you have a family history of hair loss there is a good chance you may encounter it yourself. It is normally called as male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. The second cause is age, as you age your hair naturally slows down it's growth cycle and you tend to grow lesser hairs. Hair can also become thinner and easier to break with age. Other cause is diet, poor diet may cause thinning of hair and baldness. Lack of proteins and lack of iron can be a large factor. And other causes being stress, pulling of hairs, thyroid diseases and chemotherapy.
Symptoms of hair loss are for hereditary baldness men will generally develop bald spots on the top of the head as well as the forehead. Women generally will notice thinning hair all over the scalp, but mainly at the top of the head. Thinning hair may be more difficult to notice as it happens over a longer period of time.
Homeopathy offers excellent results in Alopecia aerata, during all stages. Many cases of alopaecia areata have been treated successfully by homeopathic treatment. Research based homeopathy in case of hair loss offers unique results. Before approaching for homeopathic treatment, most of the patients are treated using cortisone or other immunosuppressive medicines with temporary results. Most cases of Alopaecia Areata relapse after stopping cortisone. Homeopathy is very effective yet absolutely safe for the treatment of alopaecia areata. All the cases of Alopaecia Areata experience no side effects. It may take sometime for the improvement, because Homeopathy works by addressing the immune system. Our patients approach us either online or personally.

Hair loss treatment is a major problem for all, so HOMEOCARE provides homeopathy treatment for hair loss and provides hair loss medicine in homeopathy.
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