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Vaginitis - Causes, Symptoms & Homeopathic Treatment

Vaginitis is an infection and swelling of the vulva and vagina may also call vulvovaginitis. Is a common problem of women and girls of all ages. The most common cause is by bacteria, and others are by viruses, yeast, parasites. In pregnancy vaginitis is a common and some risky problem for mother and baby. It may cause premature deliveries, i.e. babies to be born early or with low birth weight.
There was normally a balanced pH present in vagina with normal bacterial flora. If upset in the balance of that bacteria, is normal in the vagina causes vulvovaginitis, this condition may be caused by
  1. Spread through sex, example-- trichomoniasis.
  2. Prolonged use of antibiotics can upset the vaginal balance.
  3. Pregnancy is a risk factor due to low immunity.
  4. Damp underwear, tight pants, constantly wet vulva due to tight clothing.
  5. Douching, use of vaginal sprays, lubricants, birth control devices.
  6. Hormonal vaginitis----due to lack of estrogen hormone, i.e atrophic vaginitis usually found in post menopausal or post partum women, sometimes it can occur in young girls before puberty due to poor support of estrogen to the vagina.


In case of bacterial vaginitis, there is a strong fishy smell, especially after sex, in case of yeast infections there is a thick, white, cottage—cheese discharge is present. In other infections like virusus and in parasites there is white or gray colored, watery or foamy discharge is present.

Vaginal pain, itching, burning, or redness around the vagina with swelling is present. And by scratching there may be a possibility of secondary infection leads to low grade fever and persistent discomfort.

If vaginitis occurs in pregnant, it may cause infection in the mother's womb or the Fallopian tubes. Untreated, neglected cases of vaginitis can lead to complications such as sub clinically turn into PID [pelvic inflammatory diseases], Increased vulnerability to HIV, Gonorrhea infections and thereby increasing the risk of transmission to sexual partners.


  • First and foremost, in case of infections, Maintain personal hygiene use mild soaps rinse well and pat dry wipe from front to back, avoid to use other people's wet towels and hot tubs.
  • Avoid douching, it can upset the pH balance of the vagina.
  • Careful watch for any unusual discharge or smell.
  • Careful about inner clothing Wearing loose-fitting, cotton clothes are important to maintain dryness over the vulva and vagina.
  • Maintain blood-sugar levels in good control.
  • Take healthy nutritional diet, advised to minimize the stress.
  • Visual examination is more important.
  • Whiff test---a lab test for bacterial vaginitis.
  • Gram stain to examine the vaginal flora.
  • Watch for vaginal fluid pH.

Homeopathy has been found very effective and is scientifically documented. Homeopathy carefully prescribes the medicine that works on the real cause of vaginitis, including other symptoms like irritation, sleeplessness, stress etc.

This line of treatment approach towards the management of health problems like vaginitis, along with the complicated symptoms is constitutional. It decreases the susceptibility for growing micro organisms, leads to enhancing immune system of the pt Also helps to boost energy, and thereby reduces re infections.

You will definitely need and benefit from homeopathic treatment. It can be very helpful in building up the constitution of the individual patient, thus reducing the risk of recurrence.

The treatment taken into account the complete history of the patient includes presenting complaints, the symptoms along with the unique physical, mental, and genetic make up that individualizes a person. Homeopathic medicine acts at the roots of all ailments.


Homeocare International offers best chance of treatment, for cure in case of acute and chronic vaginitis, from bacterial, yeast, viral, and parasitic recurrent infections.

In Homeocare International clinic, by our experienced homeopathic doctor, a perfect constitutional remedy, and guidance can reassuring and helpful for enhance the action of the immune system in clearing a way the irritating factors in vaginitis.

Our doctors are highly qualified on this area, and we use best medicines to attain good results . we follow the best procedures and methods of homeopathy for make the patients happy with our extra ordinary treatment.
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