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Thyroid Gland Absolutely Cured Through Homeopathy Treatment

The thyroid gland is the largest endocrine gland in humans. The thyroid gland descends to the region of the junction of the trachea and the larynx. It is a butterfly shaped gland.
Thyroid disorder is an most common endocrine disorder. An estimated 20,000,000 of people suffer from thyroid disease. And 1 in 13 will develop a thyroid disorder in their lifetime. according to our estimation one in eight women suffering from thyroid disease.

Relationship between the pituitary gland and thyroid gland:-
The pituitary gland is one of the biggest gland in our body. It gives the signals to the thyroid by sending a hormone called TSH, that is a hormone that stimulates the thyroid and it stimulates the thyroid function. The thyroid produces hormone with the taking of iodine from the diet , four iodines into the thyroglobulin which is a build in block for thyroid hormone called T4 and T3. Thyroid hormone then sends signal to the pituitary.

The types of thyroid disorders are:
Hypothyroidism:- Its an inability of thyroid gland to produce adequate hormone. The symptoms being cold intolerance, dried skin, through constipation, gain weight, fatigue, forgetfulness, changes in periods, difficulty getting pregnant.
Hyperthyroidism:- The thyroid gland produces too much of hormones. Symptoms being heat intolerance, diarrhoea, bulging of eyes, muscle weakness, irritability, fatigue, poor concentration. When the thyroid is hyperactive the bones are not healthy, and there is a frequent loss of energy.

thyroid treatment in homeopathy

Thyroid Gland

Thyroid Treatment in Homeopathy :-
The biggest problem in modern medicine regarding thyroid care is the assembly line approach. Everyone is handled almost in this way. The Thyroid hormone levels are measured and synthetic hormones are prescribed if the levels are abnormal. People sometimes feel better initially but it usually doesn't lst. The alternative medicine approach through the usage of ttyrosine, iodine, glandulars which are equally as simplistic.
What if the thyroid condition is actually secondary to an untreated autoimmune condition? Proper thyroid support takes time and requires detailed analysis. Most doctors simply don't have the time.
There are at-least twenty patterns of thyroid dysfunction. 90% of thyroid problems are actually autoimmune disorders. It means your immune system is may affect your body with it's unnecessary activities. In which cases the thyroid will usually get destroyed over time, the thyroid hormones may need to be adjusted to compensate for the loss of function. In Homeocare International we have helped the patients chronic thyroid problem with natural support. The process of identifying the exact underlying cause of thyroid problem requires a great deal of detailed information and comprehensive testing. By homeopathic treatment what we do is assist the body to regain its ability to heal itself. Our focus is on helping the body handle whatever preventing the healing process from thyroid occurrences. Once the body has regained its ability to heal, it naturally does so. The patients get rid of or reduce symptoms and regain their quality of life as a result of the body doing this healing, and not because of any direct treatment of symptoms. At Homeocare International, we take a detailed approach and continuously work to bring our patients the latest innovative and cutting edge technologies in our homeopathy field. Our aim is to help you find the most effective natural protocols to enhance your body's function, so that you have the best chance possible of living a long and happy life.
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  1. Is really homeopathy medicines can cure Thyroid Disorder? But, i heard before homeopathy is a long span treatment. But, article is very intreasting & informative about thyroid disorder.

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