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Reasons of Fatty liver

  • Fatty liver
Fatty liver is a condition where excess fats get accumulated in liver. Normally our liver contains little fat, but when excess fats get accumulated it leads to several complications like obesity, diabetes, excess alcohol consumption and several others can trigger fatty liver problem. There are two types of fatty liver disease, namely
  • Alcoholic fatty liver disease- Excess consumption of alcohol leads to inflammation and excess fat accumulations in liver. Alcoholic fatty liver disease is a reversible problem. When people stop alcohol consumption, liver heals itself and return to normal stage.
  • Non alcoholic fatty liver disease- Excess fats get accumulated within liver due to health problems like obesity, diabetes and others. Several diseases are connected with non alcoholic fatty liver disease like high BP, inflammatory bowel disease and others. Non alcoholic fatty liver can lead to complications like liver failure, gastrointestinal haemorrhage and liver cancer.Fatty liver diseases are also caused due to other factors like high calorie intake, high triglyceride levels in body fluids, malnutrition and also due to usage of several remedy. Risk factors or other reasons of fatty liver include metabolic syndrome, high cholesterol, polycysticovarian syndrome, sleep apnea, hypothyroidism and high fats around abdomen. Our liver has ability to treat itself by rebuilding liver cells, when your liver gets damaged repeatedly, it loses its ability to treat and leads to liver scarring, where it gets damaged totally. When liver gets damaged, it fails to secrete bile for digestivesystem and also fails to remove toxins out from body fluids.
People with fatty liver disease face symptoms like poor appetite, pain in the abdomen, weight loss, fatigue, weakness, tiredness, jaundice and confusion.
  • Food is the reason of fatty liver
Food and diet plays a crucial role and can also lead to fatty liver disease. As obesity or excess calorie consumption are main causes of non alcoholic fatty liver diseases. Intake of excess calories increases burden on liver’s ability to metabolize the fats and this results in excess fat accumulation in the liver. So it is very important to take low calorie and high fibre foods. Avoid foods which lead to weight gain and which increases sugar levels in your body fluids like alcohol, high sugar, salty and fried foods, meat and refined grains. Intake of these above foods increases your risk of fatty liver disease.
Healthy diet, regular physical exercises and maintaining healthy weight are very important to avoid the risk of fatty liver. Intake of foods which have anti inflammatory properties is very important, as they help in repairing the damaged cells and treat the inflammation of liver. Foods like garlic, broccoli, avocado, soy and others are beneficial to improve liver health and treat fatty liver problems.
  • Homeopathy treatment for liver

Homeopathy for fatty liver problems works effectively by reversing the condition. It aims to control inflammation and treat excess fat accumulations in the liver by focusing and treating the fatty liver causes. Natural remedies are used in homeopathy to treat fatty liver problems. These remedies are safe, have no side effects and are suitable people of all age groups. Homeocare international treats fatty liver problems by using constitutional homeopathy.  
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