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Thyroid - Causes, Symtoms & Homeopathy Treatment

Thyroid is a endocrine Gland, pear fruit shaped a small gland located at base of neck, which produces 2 main hormones called T3[Triiodothyronine] and T4[Thyroxine] , these hormones travels directly through blood to every part of the body, and controls the metabolic rates of many activities in our body. Example Heart Beat, Burn Calories etc.
A Thyroid Gland is working right will produce the right amount of hormones needed to keep your body's metabolism in right way i.e not too fast or to slow. Women is more likely than men to develop Thyroid disorder.

Classically, 2 Types of Thyroid Disorders are Present

2.Hyper Thyroid
Thyroid Disorder that can effect include Thyroid Nodules, Thyroiditis, Thyroid Cancer, Goiter

Thyroid Gland does not make sufficiency Thyroid Hormone due to under action of the gland
Common Cause:- Hashimoto's Disease, is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system mistakenly attacks the thyroid gland and damages the cells, so its does not make enough hormone.
Complicatedly can be caused by:- Prolonged treatment of hyperthyroidism, radiation treatment of certain cancers, or by Thyroidectomy conditions, rarely by pituitary gland failure.
Symptoms:- Fatigue, Depressions, Cold Intolerance, Constipation, Joint Pains, Generalized Myalgias,Weight Gain, Dry Skin, Odema of whole body with puffy face, Menorrhagic Cycles, Complicatedly it may be one of the cause to Infertility and heart Diseases.

2.Hyper Thyroid:-
Some conditions and cause Thyroid to make more Thyroid Hormone than the body needs. This is called Hyp0thyroidism or Over Active Thyroid.
Common cause is grave's disease in which the body's own defense system, stimulates the thyroid gland causes it to make too much of the Thyroid Hormone, can also be caused by Thyroid Nodule.

Symptoms:- Asymptomatic for Longtime, Usually Begins Slowly, But overtime a speedup.
Metabolisms Cause:- Weight Loss, Increased Appetite, Rapid or Irregular Heart Beat, Anxiety, Irritability, Trouble Sleeping, Increased Sweating, Tremors of Fingers, Heat Intolerance, Debility with muscular Weakness, Scanty Periods, Includes Osteoporosis, Pre Menopause.

Investigations to Rule out Thyroid Disorders:

1.Thyroid Profile---T3 and T4----The primary forms of Thyroid Hormone, It is checked with a blood test.
TSH---THYROID STIMULATING HORMONE---Secreted by the brain, its regulates hormone unharness a biopsy. With High TSH---Indicates low levels of hormone i.e Hypothyroid, and low TSH suggest of Hyper Thyroid.

2.Anti TPO Ti bodies---In case of autoimmune Thyroid Distress, Proteins erroneously attack the Thyroid oxidase catalyst, which is used by the Thyroid to create Thyroid Hormone.

3.Thyroid Globulin----A Substance secreted by the Thyroid Gland, that can be used as a marker of Thyroid Cancer. It is after measured during follow up in patients with Thyroid Cancer and high levels indicate recurrence of the Cancer.

4.Thyroid Biopsy---Is Typically done with a needle, thyroid tissue is removed from the Gland, its usually use to rule out Cancer.

5.Thyroid Ultra Sound Scan--- A Probe is placed on the skin of the neck and reflected sound waves can detect abnormal areas of Thyroid Tissue.

6.Thyroid Scan---Some radio active iodine is given by mouth to get images of the Thyroid Gland, that substance is concentrated with in the Thyroid Gland.

Homeopathy Treatment for Thyroid:-

Generally the treatment option is HRT [Hormone Replacement Therapy], in case of Hyperthyroidism, in this case what happens is that the Gland becomes more sluggish became its work is being done from being done from outside, and where as in Hyper Thyroid condition the excessive secretion will stop suddenly leads to Hyperthyroidism and complicated fluctuations, and patient becomes dependent on that particular Rx for life time and day by day with increasing doses, this does not happens in Homeopathy Treatment, our remedies are given which actually stimulates the Thyroid Gland to produce normal amounts of Hormones, and controls the abnormal excessive secretions.

Homeocare International Treatment:-
Homeocare International offers best chance of cure which works purely on genetic constitutional method of treatment and also helps to boost energy, improves circulation, stimulates and regulates the gland cells thus removes fluctuated complications and soothe metabolisms by balancing Hyper or HypoThyroid Function.

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