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Stress and its side effects on our body

Stress is a normal condition which is seen in almost all the people and it cannot be avoided as we face it at some point of our life. Our body in stress releases some hormones which increases our heartbeat and rate of breathing naturally. In stressed conditions our brain gets more oxygen which helps our body to cope up with the situation very easily. When our body faces or experience stress continuously without any rest, it adversely affects and declines our health.

Excess stress causes severe symptoms like headache, hypertension (high BP), chest pain, stomach pain, insomnia and so on. Continuous stress can severely affect our health and worsen the health conditions. Persistent increase in stress adversely affects our overall wellbeing.

To eliminate health issues caused due to stress it is very important to identify the causes of stress. Identifying the causes of stress helps to solve many health issues. Few people in order to control stress consumes alcohol, drugs, get addicted to smoking and other unhealthy ways. Though these ways provide temporary relief from stress, in long run it damages our body even more. One should consult a professional homeopath if the problem continues for a long time and get treated. Homeopathy treatment works very efficiently in managing the stress and improves overall wellbeing of the individuals.
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