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Be Happy With Your Partner By Solving Your Sexual Disorder With Homeopathy

Homeopathy for sexual problems

Sexual Disorder

Not happy with your sexual life? Do you want to know what is inhibiting your sexual desire? Well, you’re at right place. This article is intended for people like you. We have made lot of research and compiled this article to help you increase your sex desire and enhance your capabilities. 
What actually is Sexual Dysfunction?
Sexual dysfunction or disorder is the most common problem that is causing lot of troubles in both men and women. In this busy schedule, losing your sexual desire has become quite common problem and more often it is affecting both personal and professional life.
A sexual dysfunction is defined as a state that restrains your ability to enjoy the sexual intercourse. Sexual dysfunction doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you or you are only the one who is facing this problem, there is a number of people from both genders who is suffering from this disorder. The sexual cycle is comprised of four phases such as excitement, plateau, orgasm, and resolution. The most prevailing sexual disorders are- hypoactive desire disorder (low sex drive), lack of lubrication (females), sexual aversion disorder, failure to orgasm during sexual intercourse, impotence (erectile disorder in males), hyperactive sexual disorder (high sex drive) and premature ejaculation.
Now, having a sexual problem is no big deal, there are number of treatments to get relief from sexual disorders, of which homeopathy is mostly preferred by maximum number of people.
Sexual Disorders & its Symptoms
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Orgasmic Disorders in both men & women
  • Frotteurism
  • Dyspareunia
  • Sexual Arousal disorder in women
  • Sexual Masochism and Sadism
  • Vaginismus
What are the Causes of Sexual Disorder?
  • Medications
  • Major injury or brain surgery
  • Aging
  • Fatigue
  • Physical or Physiological disorders
  • SSRI anti-depressants
What are the Types of Sexual Disorder in Men?
Sexual dysfunctions in men are as follows:
Erectile dysfunction: This problem is caused due to health problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes and extreme anxiety. And, stress, depression and fatigue also leads to erectile dysfunction. It is of three types: premature, retarded and inhibited.
Ejaculation problems: This issue is concerned with pre-mature ejaculation and the failure of ejaculating. Consumption of medications such as antidepressants, anxiety to participate in sexual intercourse and sexual trauma are some of the reasons that lead to Ejaculation issues.
Low libido: This problem will occur when you face some Psychological problems such as depression, stress and anxiety that can result in decreased sex. Low libido is caused due to low production of hormones, physical illnesses, & using medications.
What are the Types of Sexual Disorder in Women?
Sexual dysfunctions in women are as follows:
Vaginal dryness: This can result in low libido and arousal problems because sexual intercourse results in lot of pain when vagina is not lubricated. This condition may result due to hormonal changes or Psychological issues.
Low libido: This condition is caused due to low production of estrogen. Fatigue, anxiety and depression can also cause low libido.
Difficulty achieving orgasm: This problem arises when there is some problem in getting orgasms. Some antidepressant medications also lead to this problem.
Pain during sexual intercourse: People who face this problem can experience a burning sensation during sexual intercourse. This problem is caused due to endometriosis or vaginal dryness
How does Homeopathy deal with Sexual Disorder?
Homeopathy treatment proven beneficial and works best for driving your sexual capabilities. Homeopathy finds the root cause of the problem and has many remedies that help to retain your sexual capabilities. Through homeopathy treatment one can increase their sexual intercourse time and re-energize your penis strength. Homeopathic remedies for sexual disorders increase blood supply and excite the nerves. It can also treat sexual disorders that are associated with psychological conditions. Homeopathy treatment helps you to regain the vigor and helps you to gain satisfaction during sexual intercourse.
For best homoeopathy treatment, you need to consult the doctors of Homeocare International who have successfully dealt number of cases. Our doctors will make accurate diagnosis and gives proper treatment that cures any health issue at the earliest possible.
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