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Diabetes or Diabetes Mellitus is a condition in which thee is an elevated glucose levels in a persons blood.It is classified to be a metabolic disorder. Metabolism is a mechanism on how our body use digested food or energy and development. In diabetes the metabolism fails. This is a result of defective pancreas, wherein it wasn't able to produce insulin, the hormone that regulates the amount of glucose in the persons blood level. Or the body cells does not respond to the amount of insulin produced. The symptoms are frequent urination( polyuria), frequent thirst( polydipsia), and increased hunger ( polyphagia). There are three major types of diabetes. Type1 or insulin dependent diabetes is a case in which the pancreas are not able to produce insulin which results to lifetime dependency to insulin injections. Type 2 or non insulin dependent diabetes is a case in which the cells in the body fail to react or use insulin what we call it as insulin resistance. Lastly type 3 or the gestational diabetes, this pertains to pregnant women who have increase glucose level in their blood.
Diabetes is a sugar toxicity. People are eating way too much sugar and way too much fat and drives inflammation and drives disease. Our ancestors they needed sugar and fats it's our cellular fuel but when we sort it out in nature they got an physiological fill in packets which consists of sugars in a balanced quantity in fruits, another fibers and another phytonutrients and fats in a balanced ratio in nuts, legumes and veggies these all are health empowering. But nowadays the sugar and fats are all around us we can't shut down the revolutionary drive to consume up. People are consuming sugars and fats, a levels of toxicity. Body takes much sugar into it doesn't know what to do with it and sticks all over the cells and inside of the linings in a haphazard process called Glycation End Products and this is what drives all the complications of diabetes.

In modern medicine system the insulin is injected in the body to fulfill its deficiency. But it is just like cutting off the branches of the tree and leaving the root as usual. Insulin is only the supplementary to deficiency but not a solution. Solution lies in the correction of cause. In homeopathy we have two kinds of solutions to diabetes one is prevention and the other is cure. Homeopathic Treatment helps in the prevention of diabetes. This corrects the genetic tendency to develop diabetes. Even various complications of diabetes such as diabetic foot, diabetic cataract etc are successfully prevented by homeopathic treatment. For cure homeopathy adopts constitutional treatment. Also the patient need not take medicine lifelong. Gradually medicine doses are reduced and finally stopped. So some of the diet changes, exercise and Homeopathy Treatment will cure you from this killing disease.

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