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People with asthma have hypersensitive airways. The lungs react to things that may not bother other people. Asthma can cause significant changes within the airways all of which narrow the opening making it difficult to breathe. Untreated and poorly controlled asthma can cause changes in the airways that may be irreversible. When you have asthma three main changes can occur in your lungs, the first is inflammation this makes the airway tissue irritated, red and swollen and when the tissue becomes inflamed the airway narrows and air flow is decreased. The second change is broncho constriction, this is the tightening of muscles that surrounds the airways further reducing the opening. The third and final change that occurs is the increase in the production of mucus which further blocks the airways. When someone with asthma comes in contact with asthma trigger such as pollen or tobacco smoke, one or all three of the three processes inflammation, constriction, increased mucus secretion can occur. All of which contribute to the narrowing of the airway, this is known as asthma attack or episode.

In other treatments was long term medications and steroid inhalers with a lots of side effects. So people are diverting towards homeopathic treatment. So how does homeopathy works? Homeopathy treats the root cause or homeopathy goes to the root to eradicate the particular illness. So what basically happens, know there are many causes of asthma one of them is it may be inheritant or may be acquired in your lifetime or it may follow some stressful event, there could be number of causes that may give rise to stress or shocking situation and the effect could be an abortion in the genetic mechanism which could finally reflect as asthma. So till the medication is not aimed at your genetic level to repair that particular fault, faulty proteins or toxic proteins are going to be released by your body finally giving rise to a severe broncho spasm and that is what termed as asthma. So treating the symptoms or treating the effect of the genetic problem is never gone to cure that is what allopathy do, they try to treat the symptoms. But what a homeopath does is that he tries to go to the level of your genetic mechanism and corrects it there so that the effect is taken care by itself. After all it Homeopathy the science of tomorrow that betters your life tomorrow.

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