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Snoring problem Leads to?

Why snoring effects 

Snoring is the harsh or noisy breathing made while sleep. These sounds occur when the breathing or flow of air gets obstructed. When tissues in throat vibrate it leads to snoring sound. Snoring problem of a family member can cause disturbance to other family members sleep. Snoring problem is mostly seen in men than women. Though snoring is not a serious health problem but in long run can lead to several health problems. Snoring can be caused due to several factors like

Blockage in nasal airways- few people snore due to allergies and infections which block the nasal air ways. Sinus infections, deviated septum and nasal polyps also lead to snoring.
Weak muscle in throat and tongue- when individuals fall asleep the throat and tongue muscles may fall back in the airways which can lead to snoring.
Big throat tissues- Tonsils, adenoids and having swollen tissues can lead to snoring.
Long uvula- people with long uvula and palate also snore. Long uvula or palate narrows the opening between nose and throat which in turn leads to snoring. Obesity- being overweight can lead to snoring, excess fat accumulations around neck or throat can narrow the airways and can lead to snoring.

Age, overweight, excess consumption of alcohol can also lead to snoring in many people.

Health complications due to snoring 

Snoring not just disturbs the sleep of others but also leads to several health problems. People who snore regularly are at an increased risk of developing several health issues like obstructive sleep apnea and so on. Few health complications raised due snoring are

Cardiovascular diseases- snoring in long run leads to several cardiovascular diseases like heart attack, stroke, coronary artery diseases and so on. Snoring also increase the risk of hypertension in many people.

Poor night sleep- due to frequent disturbances in sleep, people may not get enough sleep in the night and face many health complications. Poor night sleep can lead to headache after waking up in the morning.

Day time sleepiness- due to lack of sufficient sleep at night people feel sleepy during the day time. Feeling sleepy during the day time also increase the risk of accidents.

Difficulty in concentrating- people who snore have inadequate sleep at night which affects their concentration levels. It also leads to behavioural problems like anger, aggression and depression.

Homeopathy treatment for snoring

Homeopathy treatment for snoring works very efficiently in treating snoring problems. Homeopathic remedies for snoring problem include pills, nasal drops and so on. Homeopathy treatment for snoring is safe, have no adverse side effects and can be used by people of all age groups. Homeopathy treatment for snoring is prescribed based on the symptoms and individualization theory. Homeopathy treatment for snoring not just focuses on the single problem but aims at overall wellbeing. Homeopathy treats snoring problems mainly focussing on treating the root cause of the problem. Homeopathy along with treatment for snoring also provides few tips to treat snoring like losing weight, controlling intake of alcohol, sleeping posture, usage of pillow and so on.
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