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Male lifestyle can lead to infertility

Male infertility refers to male’s inability to get his female partner conceived. Infertility is generally treated as women’s problem, but researchers say male infertility also contributes to 30% of infertility cases. Man’s fertility mainly depends on quality and quantity of sperm production and sperm delivery. Low quantity and poor quality sperm increase infertility in men. There are no signs and symptoms of male infertility in most of the cases. Hormonal disturbances, physical problems, psychological conditions and many other factors lead to infertility in the male. 90% of male infertility is due to low quantity and poor quality sperm, other 10% of cases may be caused due to other factors like hormonal and genetic factors.

Risk factors of lifestyle
Infertility in men mainly depends on sperm production and mobility; this in turn depends on lifestyle factors. Lifestyle factors, sperm production, and male infertility are directly related to each other. Lifestyle factors affect male infertility in many individuals. Some important lifestyle factors that influence male infertility are

  • Unhealthy diet- poor diet or unhealthy eating habits causes infertility in many people. Eating junk food, unhealthy diet, fats all causes poor sperm health and infertility.
  • Smoking- smoking and tobacco consumption causes low sperm count in most of the men when compared to non smokers. Smoking reduces sperm count and mobility.
  • Stress and sleeplessness- stress and sleeping disorders have a negative impact on male fertility. These factors lead to hormone imbalance and reduce sperm production.
  • Alcohol consumption- regular alcohol consumption lowers testosterone levels and quantity of sperm. Alcohol has adverse effects on health and hence causes infertility.
  • Exposure to chemicals- men who are exposed to chemicals like pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals face infertility problems. They harm the body as well as sperm production and its ability to penetrate.
  • Heavy weight and obesity- obesity and excess weight reduce interest and production of sperm.
Some other causes of infertility in male depends on malnutrition, anemia, treatments, high intense work outs, infections, abnormal working hours, excess intake of caffeine and other factors. Social, psychological and genetics also plays a crucial role in male infertility.

Effects of homeopathy for infertility
Male lifestyle can lead to infertility
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Infertility treatment in homeopathy is very effective and useful for the couple and increases their chance of having a baby. Male infertility homeopathy treatment gives many benefits and treats the infertility problems. Male infertility homeopathy treatment mainly focuses on increasing quantity and quality of sperm. Infertility treatment in homeopathy uses natural substances and has no side effects. Male infertility homeopathy treatment not only treats infertility problem but also improves immunity and treats other infections which cause infertility in men. Infertility treatment in homeopathy is safe, non invasive and painless procedure. Homeopathy treatment for infertility is prescribed based on symptoms and family history of individuals. Homeopathy treatment for infertility is different from person to person and based on the previous history of the individual. Homeocare International provides supreme male infertility treatment and successfully treated hundreds of infertility cases. Homeocare International provides dominant homeopathy treatment for infertility to provide positive and successful results. Male infertility treatment at Homeocare international is based on symptoms and condition of the individual. Homeocare international uses a genetic constitutional method in male infertility treatment and offers world class homeopathy.
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