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Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment Benefits

Homeopathy is a holistic system of natural treatment which is developed at the end of 18th century by German physician Samuel Hahnemann as a system of alternative medicine. Homeopathy offers treatment based on the principle Like Cures Like i.e. a substance which develops disease in a healthy person will cure similar symptoms present in sick person. Homeopathy Treatment aims to treat a person as whole as it believes that when a person gets sick his whole body like mind, body and spirit gets affected. Homeopathy aims to treat a person by improving his immunity, body’s own healing and self regulatory processes. Homeopathy by improving immunity aids our body to fight against several infections and Allergies caused due to virus and bacteria.

Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann

Whole Homeopathy Treatment is based on three basic principles, they are 

  • Likes cure likes
  • The minimum dose
  • The single remedy

Homeopathy treats a person by giving minimum doses of homeopathic remedies necessary to evoke a healing response in the body. It also provides one remedy at a time and treats various diseases. Homeopathy remedies used in treatment are in the form of pills or liquid mixtures contain a little active ingredient. Ingredients used in treatments are natural and they are extracted from plants, vegetables, minerals and animal based. Homeopathic remedies are safe, painless, non invasive, has no side effects and are mild. Homeopathy treatment and remedies are mild, gentle, effective and provides long lasting results. Homeopathy treatment is suitable to all genders and all age groups from children to elders including conceived women. Homeopathy treatment treats a wide range of illnesses and chronic diseases like Asthma Treatment, Diabetes Treatment, allergies, hypertension, spondylosis, cardio vascular diseases, obesity, Infertility Treatment, Arthritis Treatment and many more.

What is Constitutional Homeopathy

Constitutional Homeopathy is a level of classical homeopathy treatment which aims to the treat a person as a whole i.e. physically, mentally and emotionally. In Constitutional Homeopathy, treatment is offered to individuals after careful observation and study of individual’s symptoms including his or her past and present symptoms, condition and patients history. A professional homeopath prescribes treatment after careful examination and individualization. In Constitutional Homeopathy a single remedy is prescribed to the individuals are asked to wait for four to six weeks. In this period of time with the help of remedy their body begins its own healing process. In the next session of treatment after observing their symptoms homeopaths may prescribe the same remedy or may suggest another remedy to treat the disease.

How Constitutional Homeopathy can control diseases

Constitutional Homeopathy provides treatment to treat a physically, emotionally and spiritually. Constitutional treatment does not just suppress or provide relief from the symptoms, but it aims to cure in depth root cause of the problem and gives long term relief. Constitutional Homeopathy eliminates diseases and other illnesses by improving immunity and self healing process.

What are the advantages of Constitutional Homeopathy

Constitutional Homeopathy is safe and uses mild and diluted quantities of natural remedies. It eliminates side effects by using minimal quantities of natural substances. Constitutional Homeopathy also benefits individuals by amending effects and symptoms of long term illnesses which are caused due to hereditary or genetic disorders.
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