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Effects of cold water on health

Why cold water is not safe?
Drinking cold water is not safe and is not recommended. Drinking cold water in summer makes us relaxed and it cools down thirst and body temperature. Though cool water gives instant relaxation and pleasure it is not good for health. Drinking cool water brings many health issues like indigestion and constipation. When we drink cold water, as it enters our stomach our body uses extra energy to bring water into our body’s normal temperature. This process uses extra energy of our body. Our body uses its energy to regulate water temperature instead of digesting the food and extracting nutrients. Our body also needs some extra energy to digest the food. Drinking cold water is not recommended for all age groups, in children drinking cold water may lead to throat infections and cough. Drinking cool water regularly has its own disadvantages. Drinking cool water causes dehydration and leads to constipation. Some experts also say that drinking cool water not only has adverse effects on digestive system but also heart.
Effects of cold water on health?

Here are some hidden adverse effects of cold water on our body
  • Cold water hardens and freeze fats and hence it is difficult for our body to digest them.
  • Our vessels shrink when we drink cold water regularly
  • Our body uses more energy to regulate water temperature and uses more calories.
  • Our digestion process is slow downed due to cold water.
  • When our body slowdowns digestion process, the nutrients in our food are not absorbed properly by our body.
  • Drinking cold water increases the risk of constipation.
  • There is a risk of slow heart rate when you drink cold water.
  • Cold water increase mucus formation in our body and leads to some health illnesses.
  • Our immune system gets affected when our body gets affected by diseases due to excess mucus.
  • In children and senior citizens drinking cold water leads to lung congestion, throat congestion and sore throat and they are at an increased risk of developing many health issues like throat infection, breathing problems and cold.
  • Few people experience throat irritations and headache when they drink cold water.
  • Drinking cold water drains your energy in the long run as it uses high energy to warm up the water to body temperature.
Homeopathy treatment

Homeopathy treatment is a holistic approach towards our body. Homeopathy treatment improves overall health of the person not just focusing on some problems. Homeopathy treatment treats all the side effects of drinking cold water and aims to improve immune system and helps our body to fight against illnesses. Homeopathy treatment improves digestion and body’s metabolism. Depending on the symptoms homeopaths suggest treatment to the people in order to get good results.
Homeocare International

Homeocare international is a leading homeopathy clinic which aims to see a healthy world. With decades of experience and professional and experienced homeopaths Homeocare international provide treatment to all the illnesses of people based on constitutional homeopathy and genetic constitutional homeopathy and help them with fruitful results and help them to lead healthy and happy life.
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