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6 common causes of Monsoon diseases

Monsoon gives delight and relief from scorching summer heat. The fresh and cool breeze of monsoon attracts people of all ages from children to elders. Along with respite monsoon also brings several health problems like fever, infections, flu, cold and allergies. With the combination of heat and moisture in monsoon infections spread fastly. People are at high risk of diseases during monsoon. Rain water is contaminated with several virus, micro organisms and bacteria which cause infections and allergies in many individuals. Proper care and hygiene is required to eliminate these diseases.
Diseases effect in monsoon
There are various diseases that affect us in rainy season. The monsoon diseases are
  • Malaria- It is carried by the female anopheles mosquito, which bites in the early mornings and evenings.
  • Dengue- It is carried by the Aedes mosquito which is bites in day.
  • Typhoid- caused due to contaminated food or water.
  • Cholera- caused when food and water gets contaminated with human faeces
  • Hepatitis A- caused by hepatitis A virus and spreads through contaminated water and food. It is also called jaundice.
  • Hepatitis E- caused due to contaminated water
  • Viral infections- caused when virus enters into body
  • Viral fever- caused by virus
  • Eye infections – caused by viruses, also called conjunctivitis
  • Fungal infections- caused by microorganism or fungus
  • Diarrhoea- caused due to contaminated water and food
  • Leptospirosis- an infectious disease caused due to close association with animals and dirty water
  • Chikungunya- caused due to mosquito and causes joint pains.
Causes of diseases
Causes of several diseases include
  • Mosquito borne diseases- some diseases are caused due to mosquito bites, such type of diseases include Malaria, Dengue and chikungunia.
  • Water borne diseases- In monsoon water borne diseases are quite common. Water borne diseases are caused due to contaminated food and water. Some water borne diseases include Typhoid, cholera, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis E
  • Viral infections or viral fever are caused due to viruses, entering of viruses into the body.
  • Fungal infections- infections caused due to fungal or microorganism.
Stagnant water leads to the growth of mosquitoes, Fungus, bacteria and microorganism. Contaminated food and water cause health problems. Drenching in rain water leads to cold, cough and flu. It also leads to several skin and hair problems. Carrying rain gear, keeping our body dry helps us to get rid of fungal infections in monsoon.
Homeopathy is a natural treatment based on substances from plants, vegetables and minerals. Homeopathy treatment for cold and other seasonal ailments is very effective, it is safe and can be used by all age groups. Homeopathy treatment aims to boost immunity and self healing process of the body and makes it strong to fight against the seasonal infections like cold and cough. It not only treats the diseases but it treats the individual as a whole. Homeopathy treatment for malaria and viral fever treatment in homeopathy are very effective in treating the person than other conventional treatments.
Homeocare international
Homeocare International provides safe and efficient treatment for all monsoon ailments and helps individuals enjoy safe and protected monsoon. It aims to improve immunity to be able to fight against virus and other bacteria. It makes person strong from inside to control common seasonal ailments like cold, cough and other infections. Homeocare International provides tips to stay healthy in monsoon and treats all age groups with safe, painless and non addictive treatment at reasonable cost. 
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