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5 major causes of hair fall

Hair fall is a scary nightmare to many individuals both man and women. As hair is an important and most noticeable feature of personality most of us fear of losing it. Hair fall is a common problem faced by all age groups and genders due to unhealthy food habits, lifestyle, genetics, hormonal changes, lack of nutrition’s, stress, pollution and abnormal working hours. Seasonal changes also play a dominant role in hair loss. Hair fall can be temporary in many people however in few individuals it can last forever. Skin infections, dandruff, malnutrition and change in weather are also crucial causes of hair loss.
Monsoon effects on hair fall
Monsoon has drastic effects on hair and hair fall. With excessive humidity and weather conditions, our hair becomes dry and falls out. Polluted rain water causes dandruff and our hair becomes dry and tends to fall out. Monsoon also brings certain fungal and bacterial infections on the scalp. Dandruff is again a big problem in monsoon and causes hair fall. Fungal infections weaken the roots of hair and leads to hair fall. With proper care towards hair and scalp gives relief from hair fall in monsoon and also scalp problems can be avoided with healthy management of scalp.
How to control hair fall in monsoon
Here are few tips to control and manage hair problems in monsoon
  • Keep your hair dry to avoid hair fall and to keep your hair safe from moisture and humidity of monsoon
  • When drenched in rain wash your hair immediately after coming home and dry it
  • Drink plenty of water to be hydrated in monsoon and to flush out toxins from the body and to control hair fall
  • Avoid hair styling or trying to control hair fall
  • Eat protein rich foods like nuts, vegetables, carrots, fish and sprouts to strengthen your hair follicles and to prevent hair fall
  • Use mild shampoo to wash your hair, harsh chemical shampoos makes your hair more dry and causes hair fall
  • Massage your hair and scalp with hot oil to strengthen your hair, moisturises hair and improve circulation.
  • Avoid sharing your combs as it increase risk of scalp infections
Homeopathy treatment for hair fall
Homeopathy treatment for hair fall is very fruitful. Homeopathy for hair fall uses natural remedies made of plants, vegetables, minerals and other natural substances in treatment. Homeopathy treatment for hair fall focuses not just on hair fall but also on improving immunity and self healing system of body to fight against infections. Homeopathy for hair fall is safe and has no side effects. Homeopathy treatment for hair fall helps to control hair fall, treats dandruff, scalp infections and assists to improve hair regrowth. Hair loss treatment in homeopathy is based on the symptoms and condition of hair. Homeopathy for hair loss targets on root cause of the problem and treats almost all scalp problems and hair related problems. Homeocare international uses genetic constitutional treatment method for treating hair fall and to identify the cause of hair fall. Homeocare not only targets on treating hair fall but also at increasing hair regrowth. Qualified and well experienced homeopaths at Homeocare international provide treatment based on symptoms and treats triggers of hair fall like hormonal imbalance, lack of nutrition and scalp infections. 
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