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The only relationship one can have prior to entering the world is mother-child relationship. Since the sperm fertilized the egg & human fetus starts growing, child depended on mother. Mother is the first and foremost person who cares for the child, & is who the child looks when they are sad or uncomfortable. For a child, his or her mother is a superhero who can do anything, and can make everything better.
Becoming mother is an overwhelming feeling for many women, as it not only gives birth to a baby, but also to a mother. When a baby will born, at the same time women will reborn as a mother. Becoming pregnant & delivering a baby is really a beautiful as well as exciting time during a couple’s life. Carrying baby for nine months inside the mother’s womb plays a huge role in the health and well being of a newborn baby. Entry of baby into couple’s life brings lots of happiness for both parents.
Mother feeling When the baby born

For many women it’s really so difficult to put their feeling into words when they give birth to a small prince or princess. It’s like most lovely heart felt touchy feeling that reaches all the way to the parent’s soul and it takes their breath away. Becoming mother for the first time is a really a lovely feeling, which a woman felt ever before. Once after becoming mother, her life is no longer about herself… life is all about her child, his health, heart, happiness, spirit and soul is all that matters for her now. She starts thinking for the baby first then about her.
Generally mother & baby are said to bond together in the initial few hours after child birth. Bonding, or the development of trust between a child and mother, starts from the minute the two are brought together. At this time mothers frequently breastfeed their child and hold them very close to them, thus keeping both in physical contact for the initial valuable hours & days of the infant’s life.Being mother is a great job that most of the women hope to take at some day.

It’s unavoidable that child have a huge bond with his or her mother, as she’s the main caregiver. It’s both a physical relationship as well as psychological and the child will spend most time with his or her mother, especially during the early years.
Following the delivery, alongside with aforesaid feelings, in days and weeks after giving birth mothers might even feel emotional lows and highs. The highs are great, whereas the lows can be made calmer if they know what they expect. During this time things can feel very strange for them. Usually, new mothers certainly feel so tired! Newly born babies have no esteem for a mother’s sleeping needs, so it is suggested to rest whenever mother gets time.
Now, a new mother has accountability for a tiny human life—which came into her world and is totally and utterly dependent on her. On the other side, this lovely feeling can be quite a challenging with new baby. It can also be quite fearsome. Besides, of course, with the arrival of new baby mother’s life &her relationships at home are changes completely, occasionally mainly the relationship with baby’s father. In few cases father might feel differently about mother, after the birth of born, and do act in a hostile way.

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