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Try Homeopathy Treatment for Hair Loss , then Feel the Difference..!!!

Hair loss is a worry for millions of people both young and old. Mostly it can be caused by an unhealthy diet, an illness or an drug therapy such as chemotherapy. Hair loss can also be caused by hair styles that pull on the hairs for a long period of time. There are many causes of hair loss but the common in both men and women are genetic and patterned hair loss. Male pattern hair loss in men is extremely common. It affects over 50 million men and 35 million of women.

There are the causes as well that are not common, there is the shedding of hair and that can often happen with stress and also it can happen after general anesthesia, it can happen due to traumatic events or it can happen after crash dieting. There are other medical conditions that can cause hair loss such as thyroid disease and anemia. Something called Alopecia areata where people loose general patches of baldness which is an autoimmune process that affects 2% of the population. Again the main cause of hair loos is genetic, inherited, male and female pattern baldness. homeopathy treatment for hair loss treatment
No matter which stage of hair loss, but Homeopathy can cure it. Since hair follicles are not destroyed, as in later stages of caring hair loss, chances for hair to grow back is always there. Like most of other diseases hair loss is also cured by homeopathic treatment. The condition is treated from its root cause. Thus it does not re cure. The results of Homeopathy in hair loss surpass those of other treatments. These produce poor results or none at all and on the other hand, Homeopathic remedies grow back hairs gradually thicker and stronger. There are several homeopathic remedies which are showing miraculous results in case of hair loss. For example the homeopathic remedy Thuja occidentalis extract applied topically was reported as a DHT( Dihydrotestosterone) inhibitor. Thuja occidentalis serves the same purpose in its Homeopathic treatment for hair loss. Whereas conventional treatment for hair loss may cause serious side effects.

Hair loss treatment is a major problem for all, so HOMEOCARE provides homeopathy treatment for hair loss treatment and provides hair loss medicine in homeopathy.
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  1. Yeah! Thanks for Sharing.
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