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Sinus Treatment

Sinusitis is the infection of your sinuses. The inflammation of the sinuses that occur as a result of bacterial, fungal or viral infection. Due to reasons like allergies the sinuses get blocked causing accumulation of mucus.
Common symptoms of sinusitis are cough which usually get worse at night, fatigue and a general off feeling, nasal congestion with a sense of dull and constant pressure near the sinuses, facial pain, mild pain and bad breathe or loss of smell.

Common causes of sinusitis are Allergies ( such as hay fever, cigarette smoke, and dry air, pollutants), Changes in the air pressure, infections from dental problems, Obstructions in the nasal or sinus cavities, Physical injury to the sinuses, Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi.
Conventional treatment for sinusitis includes nasal steroid sprays and long courses of oral antibiotics, alone or in combination or surgery is the last option.

More and more patients are searching for a natural sinus remedy that would relieve them of sinusitis and it's difficult symptoms. Homeopathy is one such natural remedy. When it involves the homeopathic sinus remedy, not only does it attempt to remedy the infection and it's symptoms, it seeks to holistically treat the patient in his entirety.Homeopathy offers a remarkable cure for this problem where the medicine given acts as an antibiotic against infection and thus addresses the symptoms. It not only treats the condition, but In fact treats the way a person responds to it. Scores of patients have enjoyed a welcome relief from sinusitis, thanks to the excellent treatment facilities available at Homeocare International.
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