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Obesity and weight gain in Children

How can we say our children are obese?

Our Child pediatrician is a person who can decide whether our kids are maintaining healthy weight or they are overweight or obese. In order to check whether our child is overweight or not our pediatrician measures our child’s height and weight to calculate their BMI (body mass index). BMI is calculated by dividing weight in kg by height in meters and compares the results with the basic standard values. Pediatrician also considers child’s age and growth scale to determine your child is obese or not.

Helping an overweight child

If your child is overweight, showing them your support and letting them know it is very important. Most importantly children’s feelings about themselves mainly depends on parents feelings about them. If parents support them against their height and weight, they feel comfortable and self confident. It is our parent’s duty to talk to them regarding their weight and sharing their worries and concerns. Keeping their children away because of their weight is not at all suggestible. Parents should focus mainly on changing the routines like eating habits and physical activities to help their kids. We can teach healthy habits to our kids and make them feel comfortable, not pointed out by changing family habits.

Tips to involve whole family in healthy habits

Involving the entire family in healthy habits is a big task. Though it is difficult, it is very essential to increase the family’s physical activity to be healthy and fit. There are several methods to involve the whole family in healthy habits like

  • You should be the example, i.e. if you are physically active and have fun, your children will notice and follow you to be active and healthy and also practice it in the future.
  • Plan and organise several activities like walking, running, cycling, swimming and so on which involves whole family, in this way you can improve families health and fitness.
  • Be more thoughtful about your child’s needs, as heavy weight children may feel embarrassed to take part in few activities and it is our parent’s duty to find physical activities that they enjoy and feel comfortable.
  • Cut the time spending in sedentary activities like watching TV, playing with tabs, video games, sitting in front of PC and so on, instead make them play outside with family and friends.
  • In order to indulge your heavy weight children in physical activities and make them fit, do not make physical activities, diet habits is a burden, but make it enjoyable by involving the family. In this way you can improve the health of whole family along with your heavy weight child.
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