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What is Bipolar 1 disorder?

Bipolar 1 disorder is also referred as maniac depressive disorder or maniac depression. Bipolar 1 disorder is a type of mental illness in which people face maniac episodes. Maniac episode is a condition where people face abnormally high energy, mood and behaviour which disturb the life. People with this disorder face at least one maniac episode in their life. Along with maniac episodes people also face depression as a pattern of cycling. As people face both maniac and depression, it is also called as maniac depression. People with bipolar 1 disorder live their regular routine life between the attacks like maniac and depression.

Overview of Bipolar 1 disorder

Who are at risk

Anyone can get affected with bipolar 1 disorder. The symptoms of bipolar 1 disorder usually develop in early 20’s or in teens. People develop bipolar 1 disorder before the age 50. People with family member affected with bipolar disorder are at an increased risk of bipolar 1 disorder.


People with bipolar 1 disorder have different symptoms during the maniac attack like abnormal behaviour or raised mood and irritation. People face abnormal behaviour like

  • Suddenly shifting from one idea to another 
  • Quick and noisy speech 
  • Being hyperactive and not feeling sleepy 
  • Enhanced self image and confidence 
  • High expenses 
  • Substance abuse or drug abuse
People in maniac episode behave abnormally, have unreasonable and impossible plans and also spend huge amount of money. In severe attacks people behave weirdly and unrealistically.

If left untreated the symptoms of maniac episodes remain from few days to several months. People may also face depression during the attack.

Most of the people may not have any symptoms between the attacks and enjoy their regular normal life. In a year people with bipolar 1 disorder may have the maniac attacks and depression episodes four to five times. Sometimes people also have mixed features of maniac and depression.

People in depression episodes have symptoms like low energy, low pleasure and depressed mood along with guiltiness, low self esteem and suicidal thoughts. These symptoms of depression may also remain for several weeks and months and in rare cases they also last more than one year.

Homeopathy treatment for bipolar 1 disorder

Homeopathy effectively manages the bipolar 1 disorder and brings improvement in the health condition. Homeopathy sooths and control intensity and frequency of mood swings. Homeopathy aims to improve overall wellbeing using natural and safe remedies. Homeopathy remedies have no side effects and are prescribed based on the theory of individualization.
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