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Homeopathy Treatment for Hairloss

Hair loss can be due to various causes such as medications which include chemotherapy, diabetes medication and anti- depressants, hormonal changes as such decreased levels of estrogen can lead to hair loss and thinning, significant anxiety and stress can also contribute to the problem, Heredity, if hair loss runs in your family then immediately you are at higher risk. Also medical conditions like allopecia or scalp infections can also cause hair loss. Hair loss can also be due to auto immune disorders like SLE and vitiligo.

Hairloss Treatment

Major players include the stress hormones serotonin, estrogen, aldosterone, cortisol and prolactin.

Serotonin is an adaptive hormone triggering the pituitary to release a cascade of emergency hormones ( ACTH, LH, FSH, TSH, aldosterone and cortisol ). Serotonin's role in hairloss is multifaceted. It promotes estrogen, prolactin, aldosterone and cortisol, and is likely the starting point in treating male pattern baldness.

Similar to serotonin , estrogen signals several inflammatory mediators associated with hairloss. Estrogen provokes prolactin ( anti-hair ). An estrogen replacement drug of estradiol, can cause male pattern baldness in women.

If you want to stop hair loss and grow it back to normal state, then your first and last step in regaining your healthy hair is Homeopathic treatment. So we at Homeocare international promise to regain thick and beautiful hairs you were having. No matter how long you suffer from hair loss, no matter how many hairs you have lost until now, no matter how many shampoos, sprays, pills and drugs you have used for hair loss. Homeocare international has spent lots of money, thousands of hours, reading, researching, talking with other hair loss victims. Hair regain is the result of all those efforts and found that their are chalkful of remedies.Here at Homeocare international the treatment involves detailed case taking by qualified Homeopathic practitioner. Detailed history of medical problem ( hair loss ), physical and emotional symptoms are analysed and similar medicine is prescribed  that treats the problem of hair loss from its roots and thereby preventing recurrence.
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