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Atopic Dermatitis Treatment at Homeocare International

Most of the people living in developed countries and cities are facing skin problem called Eczema. Though Eczema is classified into different types, most commonly seen type of eczema seen in many people is atopic dermatitis. It is seen in people of all age groups. It is seen in 65% of children and 85% in children below 5 years of age. In few children atopic dermatitis ends in childhood as a small skin issue whereas in few children it may continue for life long. It is mainly high in people with dry skin and during cold weather.

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin disease. In people with atopic dermatitis, outer layers of skin get irritated and become red and itchy. Tiny bumps are formed like blisters on the affected area, fluid may be discharged from it and lastly skin may become rough and spots would be seen. Atopic dermatitis can be seen in any part of our body, but mostly seen on areas like back of elbow, back of knees, wrists, neck, foot and ankles.

Causes of atopic dermatitis

The exact cause of atopic dermatitis is not known yet, but it is caused due to hyperactivity of body’s own immune system. Individuals with health history of asthma, high fever, breathing allergies, allergic to certain foods and consuming them all these factors increase the risk of atopic dermatitis. Low immune system and having family history of allergies acts as main risk factors of atopic dermatitis.

Risk factors or triggers of atopic dermatitis

Few risk factors that increase the risk of atopic dermatitis include
Dry skin Dust Pollen Animal dander Soaps, detergents, shampoos Few allergic food ingredients like eggs, milk, soya Chemicals Beauty products Changes in weather Woollen clothes Bacterial infections Stress

Signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis 

The signs and symptoms of atopic dermatitis differ from each individual. Some common symptoms of atopic dermatitis include itching, affected skin turns red and blisters are formed, sores with fluid are developed and on crush oozes fluid, in long run the skin becomes scaly and turns black. This disease affects many parts of skin but mostly seen on face, head, knees, neck, elbow, on wrist between skin folding, behind the ears, ankle and also on feet. In children it first starts on cheeks as bumps and after few months it spread to hands, legs and other parts of body. 80% of children suffering with atopic dermatitis are at an increased risk of developing hay fever and asthma.


It is diagnosed based on the symptoms and family history of the individuals. Few tests are also conducted if required as the levels of eosinophils and serum IgE will be high in the individuals with atopic dermatitis. In few cases skin biopsy is also prescribed to determine the patches and marks on skin.

Treatment at Homeocare International

At Homeocare International constitutional homeopathy is given to the individuals to treat atopic dermatitis. Homeopathy remedies used in constitutional homeopathy treatment improves immunity and treats atopic dermatitis without any side effects. People with asthma and dermatitis are prescribed constitutional homeopathy treatment which treats asthma and then dermatitis totally. In this process starting with body’s inner organs, outer organs are also treated slowly. Professional homeopath after careful observation of physical and psychological symptoms of individuals offers these special treatment procedures available only at Homeocare International which treats the disease totally.
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